Ms Jane CHAGIE Mr. Paschal HAMENYA Mr. Jacob TUNGA KACON Staff Members
with a visiting Donor.
KACON members carrying out a training on Capacity Building in Fundraising,
Financial Management and Administration for member organizations.
KACON Members training Women
Groups on how to erradicate poverty
by starting small-scale Projects
KACON Members doing Public Anti-Malaria Campaign
in a local community through Drama and Ngoma Groups.
KACON members training local community members the effects of Malaria and emphasizing on the use of mosquito nets in malaria prevention
especially for pregnant women and children below 5 years.
KACON members with Kigoma
Hospital (Maweni) Officials
in Anti-Malaria Campaign.
Anti-Malaria Campaign in a local Community.
KACON Members carrying out a training in a local Secondary School.
KACON Office