Summary of the Projects Funded Since 2005

Since 2005, KACON managed to work in collaboration with different funders such as:

  1. Capacity building in financial and organization management, funded by ACTION AID,2004-2006.

  2. Food distribution to people living with HIV/AIDS; Funded by GTZ 2008.

  3. Malaria control, Funded by PSI 2010.

  4. Malaria control on using mosquito net : Funded by COMMIT DAR 2011.

  5. HIV/AIDS ACT OF 2008: Funded by Foundation for Civil Society 2012.

  6. HIV/AIDS Testing and Education to people living along road construction-from Kidahwe to Uvinza. Funded by CHICO 2012 - 2013.

  7. HIV/AIDS Education to peoples living Kigoma municipal, water tank construction project; Funded by SPENCON 2015.

  8. Malaria, Family planning, HIV/AIDS and TB Awareness project in two (Uvinza and Kigima) Districts. 2011 - 2016: Funded by TCDC.

Currently we are working with John Hopkins University (JHU-CCPTZ) on Communication Malaria Initiative Tanzania. As well as China Henan International Corporation Group Company Limited (CHICCO) from June, 2014 up to Feb, 2016 in raising awareness on HIV/AIDS along the road construction project from Kazilambwa to Kaliua (56 Km) within Tabora region.